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Pedal Attainer
high intensity LED aviation obstruction light


Feature :


GZ - 122 type intelligent aviation obstruction light is the update of 155type.  This product is of diameter 122 mm special lens, aluminum alloy die-casting of lampbase, microcomputer chip controller integrated circuit and long-life pulse xenon lamp. 122mm single cone lens diameter by polyacrylic acid injection molding of the forming principle of Fresnel lens, GZ - 122 type has sunlight automatic control switch function, the daytime close automatically, night or cloudy automatically turn up





the product is mainly suitable for highly than 90 meters high-rise buildings, radio and television tower, electric power, communication tower,. Tall chimneys, Bridges, and around the airport facilities in order to help the navigation safety.


Technical Date:




Operating System:

    1 economic type-use one main controlling light to control several auxiliary lights to achieve synchronous flash.

    2 ordinary type-use aviation obstruction lamp centralized controlling cabinet to achieve synchronous flash.

    3 intelligent type-use synchronous wires and achieve synchronous flash in a hand-in-hand way.

Flash frequency:

A. Smart: synchronous lines to connect the way,the multi-sync flash lamp

B.common:focus on intelligent control box to be synchronized flash control

C.base economy(picture lamp0:the single main light control,the Deputy lord lights synchronized with the lights flashing.