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Chimney Type Camouflaged Antenna Solution

Chimney Type Antenna Radome: 
antenna data:one GSM or TDantenna,install RRU equipment 


Chimney Type Antenna Radome Specification:


Electrical specification:

Frequency range: 824-960/1710-2500 MHz

VSWR: ≤1.5 

Imput impedance: 50Ω

Gain: 8-10 dBi

Polarization: vertical or horizontal 

Horizontal beamwidth: 61°-68°/70°-110°

Vertical beamwidth: 60°-72°/29°-68° 

Front and back ratio: ≥15 dB

Max imput power: 100W

Connector: N Female/customized 

Lighting protection: DC Ground 


Mechanical specification:

Dimension: 6*6,7*7,8*8,height:2m-2.5m-3m-4m

Radome material: fiberglass 

Radome color: customized

pole:hot-dipped galvanized

Load ability: design as relevant requirements that can resist as heavy as 12 grade  typhoon. 

Design scheme consider the foundation: the communication pole is connected with the foundation, so that it is 

easy to remove and transport. 

Mechanical strength: the tensile strength and compressive strength can reach or exceed the strength of steel and 

hard aluminum.