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Pedal Attainer
25m Telecom Lamp Monopole


Fast-2 hours to complete 
Overall modular room 
Overall small footprint site 
High-quality, fast, reliable, beautiful 

The integrated base depot including the engine room and the correspondence tower, its characteristic lies in the engine room fixed establishment outside the engine room in the frame, outside the engine room the frame foundation one side permanent connection correspondence tower, the correspondence tower constitutes by section of or a section of above section arm. The structure is compact, the design is reasonable, the entire base depot assembly convenience is flexible, does not need to weld, uses the bold fastening completely, the tower body and the engine room integration design, the entire base depot can complete the station construction rapidly in 2 hours, strengthened the fast station construction, emergency communication ability, has solved the difficulty which the construction permanent base depot aspect meets.



Height: 10-45m

Lifetime:15-25 Years


Avaivable Height


Wind Pressure

5-180 KM/H


Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength >=345N/mm2;

Q235B/A36,minimum yiled strenght>=235N/mm2;

Good Description

Cable and Ladder are inside or outside as per request


Hot Dip Galvanization and Color Paint as customer's request


Minimum 15 years

Working & Resting Platform Quantity

1-3 PCS

Antenna Support Quantity

3-18 PCS

Microwave Dish Quantity

3-10 PCS


Pyramid or Round


Less space, elegant appearance,

Spare Parts

All necessary parts for installation and connection




NOTE: We are expert in designing and producing tailor-made mast, towers and other steel constructions, mainly for export.

We have a complete quality control and inspection process to make sure good quality of our steel towers