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Hebei Xinhang Iron Tower Science and Technology Co.,Ltd (Xinhang) was established in 1986. Xinhang is a large-scale professional enterprise engaged in design, manufacturing and installation of steel structure projects. The company is a council member of China Steel Construction Society and a high-tech enterprise in. It has passed the certifications of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Environmental Management System,Occupation Health Safety Management System, has obtained qualification certificates such as grade-B steel structure installation qualification certificate, 1000KV power transmission line tower production license, TV tower and communication tower production licenses, product inspection certificate of railway catenary cables and railway material trading permit. Over the years, Xinhang has paid attention to quality and service, accumulated exquisite technologies and rich experience and organized a team with strong strength during completion of nearly 10,000 steel structure projects, winning trust of the customers by virtue of its high-quality products, perfect service and innovative spirit.
Its leading products include power transmission towers, substation steel structures,  telecommunication towers, TV towers, monopole, camouflaged antenna monopole,light poles, railway steel structures, construction steel structures, power plant steel structures and other steel structures. Its products are not only sold in more than twenty provinces of China, but also exported to more than ten countries such as Bulgaria, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Kuwait, Mongolia,Myanmar,Fiji.